About Us


FRSAN PALACE HOTEL - an elegantly modern hotel located in the heart of Hoora, Manama, just 15 minutes drive to Bahrain International Airport, close to luxury shopping malls as well as the Central Business District.

As you enter the lobby the elegance and luxurious vibe welcomes you with our efficient and energetic team.

Comprises of 96 lap of luxury bedrooms, coffee shop, variety of restaurants that will serve you international cuisines, lounges, meeting room, health club, spa, and spacious parking lot with elegant modern contemporary architecture and interior coupled with the latest technology and facilities.

فندق عصري و أنيق يقع في قلب الحورة، المنامة، 15 دقيقة  من مطار البحرين الدولي،يقع بالقرب من مراكز التسوق الفاخرة وكذلك الحي التجاري المركزي.

عند دخول بهو الفندق، ترى الأناقة والفخامة، و نرحب بكم مع فريق العمل ذو الكفاءة والنشاط.

يحتوي 96 غرفة واسعة  بتصميم عصري انيق، ومقهى، ومجموعة متنوعة من المطاعم التي تقدم المأكولات العالمية، والصالات، وغرف اجتماعات، ونادي صحي وسبا، ومواقف فسيحة للسيارات.


Frsan Palace Hotel delivers exceptional service, artful decor and an array of luxury amenities with unparalleled environment responsibility. You seek and we shall provide..


Haven to Unwind

Jacuzzi, as well as sauna and steam rooms complete with a fitness centre offer the best to complete your holiday. Come, be a part of the experience.


Gastronomical Magic

Love food ? Live food ? Come home to Frsan Palace Hotel and let the taste buds compete to judge what is best. Let's bet, it is going to be close to impossible.


Massage Services

Experience the benefits of massage therapy including reduced pain, improved circulation, increased immune efficiency, enhanced focus, and more.